Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Long time did not chat to you! How is your life? What is the meaning that word you say to me as ‘ Slacker’? Is that the funny USA word?

In China these days there is one space rocknet upped to the sky and everyone is so happy in this place becase China is so great!. Soon China will be more rich and then everyone can live in the sky!

Also here everyone at my factory talk about the funny story in the newspaper of the Pig Farmer man in Wuxi city, near to Suzhou... That Farmer is grow the Pig to sell but that Farmer is very old and he begin to sleeping and then the Pig eat the man when he is sleeping!

Tell you, the baby of my sister can use the pot now to spray the urine! You should come to China to see her and you can be the ghost father!

These day the tempature is down . Soon it will be winter, so terribl! Here are the photo for you but they are not special one . Only the normal thing to see.

The tree lef downed to the rode these day. The old woman will clean that later so it will not be so dirty.

These day you can buy the suger stick to eat on the street from the Farmer. All the child like to eat that kind becase it is so sweat. The man is happy.

The old man and the old woman are walking backward. If you do that then you will be more younger becase you can backed the time.
In China we say ‘potatoe face’ when the old person get the wrickel in the face.

The pot for the urine and feces.  It must be so lonely.  Soon the old woman will come to clean that so it can be more happy.

The old house . The old person can live here becase it is so old. In Suzhou there are many old people. These day the young people’s feelings is very moist to the old house, they want to tear down that kind so China will look more modern like USA place.

In the restaurant you can eat the food. The small balls are delishus.

You can get the sting bug to eat. The child very much like to eat this kind becase it have the suger on that.

The man will yell to you to ride in his bicycle. He want to get the money. In USA do you have this kind of bicycle? It is very cheaper to use that.

The monk is chat to his girl friend on the mobile telephone..  These day many monk come to Suzhou to buy the products.

This woman will pick up the garbage when you throw it onto the rode. Her skin is more dark becase she is the Farmer that come to the city to get the job.
The rich woman always want to have the white skin so everyone will think they are not the Farmer.

This is the end of this dairy! I wish everyone can be praising you for your funny cartoon and story!
Please chat to me later.

-Mr. Deng