Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How is your life my friend? This is Mr. Deng again to you. Let’s go chat boy ! Did you eat the USA food today?

Hi… If you want to know about China I would like to give you some good ideas. You should not forget to that!

The baby of my sister is more coot these days and too cleaver! Every night she likes to go out once I reached home from the Factory.
But when I ask her ‘do you think outing is interesting’ then she will answer ‘it’s boring!’ but of course in Chinese “mei jing”. She shocked everyone. Also you no?

You should get the wife and get the baby! That is so happy. You should remember only the man can love the woman! It is the police to say that!

Now you can look at the photo…… ..

This is the dog of my uncle. It is the man dog. It always like to mung and smell the rode.

The Farmers are so bad these day! They spray on the wall around my uncle house the mobile telephone number. They want to get the job from the rich man to decorate the house. The police want to smash on them! The Farmer is always so naghty.

In the store you can buy the Silk clothing. It is very cheaper! You can wear that in USA then others will think you are so Eligent and Gentle!

 Also in the store you can buy the flat animal food. Then you can eat from that everyday feastly!

Two old womans is making the clothing. They are happy ..

This small woman can collect your garbage. She can get the money for that so she is also happy.

The baby of my sister look for the nipple. She is more coot these days.

These day I want to teach her the English so I read the English book on her.
This book is so funny . That pig is so fat and not so good so it is died. It teach the child not to be so conched.

This is the end of my writes….You should be happy everyday and not so lonely.

When I feel lonely, I know I will find a way to better happy myself... I love this moment

I will backed to my job. Please chat to me about USA. You should remember that
-Mr. Deng