Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

This is Mr. Deng! hi boy! tell you one thing.

On the allowed holiday two week before now I go to Shanghai to visit to my brother . Then we go to the PC game festival in Pudong city becase my brother like the PC game very much but me only so so.

But there is many naker girl mold at that place! You can see that photo here to make you more happy. In China I never see that kind of naker beauty!

All that girls is so happy when I take the photo of them but I am very red faced at that naker girl so my hand is shake so some photo is not so good.

Hurry to come to China to marry to the beauty! All the beautys will want to date to you because you are the forgeiner!

Even the forgeiner mold girl is here . But this one can not speaking English can only say the white Rusian words. She did not want me to photo her naker stomick.

Hi, I will chat more to that USA dog later! Please waiting for me. My boss is very troublsome . he do not want me to use the PC at the factory so frecently. But I am to sly so he will not catch me .

-Mr. Deng