Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Is it Crismas in your place now? Here is the Epasksa music again to you! He is sing the USA Crimas musics to you! He is so good! He can sing the English song also!

hi, I spy the very funny and yellow thing! !!
The dancering girl at the Carryout is sit on the street and the underneath pant is showing to the people! Look to that!

The girl is naker so everyone want to stare to that.

They are so strange so everyone want to know why that girls is so strange.

The clothing of one girl is fall down so the other girl help to fixing that.

Then they sitting and the girl show the terribl thing!

Aiya, so terribl.!

Hi, do not forget to chatting to me! I will find more naker girl from this place to show you later. Waiting for me! !!!

-Mr. Deng