Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How are you these day my friend?? Hi, I buy the micophone and put that onto my computer machine! Now I can chat to the forgeiner also…tell me if you can hear the voice of me! I can practice the English word with the chat!

Also my film camera is backed from DPRK North Koree place today so I can show you the photo I make when I go to the shoe factory in that place!

The bad man in that place take my camera when I take the bad photo. He say I can not take the photo of the garbage thing becase I should only show the beauty thing in that place. So he say he will posting to me my camera after the police look to the film inside the camera. I was very anger and yell to him that he is a dog vomit! Now I get that photo but all the photo I make is still there! How stupid that man is!

I can not show to you the shoe factory becase my boss say I must not. The boss of that factory in DPRK always cover his face when I take the photo of him also.
He was so strange.

From Dadong city in China I go on the bus with many other Chinese. It is crossing the bridge to DPRK here.

The police man is looking at the allowed coming paper.

The train station at Sinuiju is very clean. You can see the big Leader face on that.

The police man tell to us that we must not make the photo of the dirty thing only the beauty thing.

We ride on the bus to the factory in the contry. The field of sorghum plant is very good in that place.

You can see the sine to tell the farmers to work more harder to grow the plant.

Everyone is looking at my camera and saying how stange he is.

I spy this old womans from the bus window. They can carry the sack on the head.

The childs at the school.

The Koree girl are so loverly.

I spy this beauty. You should go to that place to mary to the Koree beauty!

The police man talk to us but his mandarin is very bad so we do not know his say. He can also say the Rusian words.

You can see the police man with the gun every place!. They want to catch the bad man.

I make the photo of the movie place becase you love to watchering the movie so much!. I buy some VCD movie from that place. I put that funny movie here.

Please chat to me and the other forgeiner can also be the friend to me! Let’s friend!

-Mr. Deng