Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Soon it will be the New Year for China so next year is the Dog year.! So that USA dog of you can be more happy to that!

Hi, tell you I must backed to the DPRK North Koree place for my boss to collect the money from the factory in that place.! Please wait for me to backed. I will leaving on Jan. 18 for 3 week! I am a special and lucky boy to travel so greatly, no? Everyone in this place say that!

Here is more photo of this place…please look to that now!

You can buy the bean cake from this man. It is very helthy and can make your stomick more happy to clean from that the bad feces. That man do not want me to make the photo of his face becase he do not have the allowed selling paper from the police.

You can watch the man make the animal foods at this place. You can buy that here very cheaper becase they are so simple in this place.

The old woman will sell to you the plant shoe that she make. It is also very cheaper!

The bus now have the drawing of the lover eat the USA ice food.

You can eat the China food outside at this place. Only 5 quai to eat that here!

Here is the place for the child with no mother or father. Anybody can buy the small child here and you can take that to USA!

In that place the child is so happy and can helloing to you! I go in there to visit that place so frecently.

The child wants to give to you this baby. Do you like baby? I think even the USA people love the baby.

Here is the boy group. The Anty must work very hard to make the childs like the army soilders.

The bed of the childs. Every morning the childs must fold the blanknet on their bed or the woman will bung bung on their head!

The child eat the candy and he is happy.

Hi, wait for me to backed from DPRK place! I wish to you are so happy and lucky in the next year! !!

-Mr. Deng