Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How are you today? here the weather is warm almost 20 degree. and today is 2/14. special date to the youngers. I wish you can find someone to date with in the dog year.

I backed from the N. Koree place. In that place they do not have the 2/14 festival but they have the 2/16 festival becase the Leader of that place was borned then so everyone is prepare for that!.

Hi, today just that much. Look to the photo I make of this place now !

The child is so happy to sit in the garbage and riding on the bicycle.

You can buy the hot corn log from this man. He is so simple but you will think that food is so delishus!

This food street is very beauty like a Dwarf releasing a red ball.

In China the blind man can give you the Message. It is the only job that kind of man can do so he is so happy to earn the money from the normal peoples .

The old house, you can live in that. But this one is so dirty.

My shoe is by the bird. The bird is always making the sound like mooe mooe mooe. You can feel very happy to hear that into your ears!

The girl think I am so strange to photo on her. You can eat the noodle everyday in this place.

In my uncle car I photoed the rain on the express road to Shanghai.

Aiya so terribl. The road is almost like the lake!

The begging poor man want to get the money from the people.

The child arm and legs is bad so she can get the money from the people. Some bad man want to steell the baby and make the legs to grow in a strange way then the child can get more money for the bad man becase the people will feel so sad for that childs.

The child can pull the Lunatic man around with the small car. The man can get the money from the people so he is also happy.

Please chat to me later! You should remember to be happy also! Today can be special day if you try!

-Mr. Deng


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