Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How are you now? Hi, tell you I went to the Taihu lake on this holiday and ate the crab with the sister of me and the mother of me. Then we walked round that place to look at the thing there. When you come to China I can show you that place becase it is so beauty. The fish mogger mens is there to sell you the fish and you can buy that or not buying that if you do not like that fish..

    At my company there is one man from USA now to buy the shoe and he look Chinese becase the parents of that man are from China but he can not speak Chinese!
In China we call that kind of man the Banana becase he is yellow on the outside and so white on the inside. Soon he will backed to USA. How lucky he is to be so rich.

Tell you that my boss want to sell the company to one man from Hangzhou place. How is the dog in your house? When it outted with you do it want to mung on the rode?

You can look to the photo now of that lake place .

Here is the fish named ‘Sucking monster’ becase it want to suck the blood of the fish. It is very delishus and we buy many of this to eat in Suzhou. Do you have that kind in USA place?

This is the fish but you can put the stick in that to make the fish kite from that. These day everyone want to put the fish kite on the door of the house.

You can buy the fishs and snales here. You will want to eat 1000 fishs and 1,0000 snales when you come to my house!

so delishus! The crab is the most good becase the meat is the most good. I want to put my head in that water and eat all the crab in this place!

This crab is not realing. It is on the sine for the restarant. It is to tell the people you can eat the crab in that place not the other kind of food only the crab.

In that place I spy this statyu for the childs. The name of it is MoMo and he have only one arm becase the other arm is so big so he only need one arm.

This is SingSing the happy and special boy that want the sky water go into the lake and sea water. You can see the bossom flower now behind that boy.

The naghty sine for the restarant. You can laugh to that.

I find this store for you! Everywhere is the USA food for you to eating now. Later I will find more of that for you so when you are coming you can be more happy.

From the window of my house I can see the old building go away. Soon all will smash down. Soon my house tooo will have to go away and I will moving to new apartment house. Everyone must activly promote the governments 3 year plan to smash the old thing and make China look more rich like USA place. Then the forgeiner will think China is more good not so dirty.

Later you can chat to me from USA! Not forgeting to be happy!

-Mr. Deng