Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Tell you I see the very strange man today. Here he is named the Frog man becase he have the large strange bubble come out from his neck and I want to vomit when I look at that man. I run to get his photo but he run away so I can not get that. I often can see that man so later I will try to get the photo of that man to show you! When I look at that man I feel daisy and want to vomit becase he is so terribl.

These day there is many mosquito in my house.I put the net over the bed so when I am sleeping then they can not bite to my areas.

How is your life? Please chat to me . tell you, the wife of my brother get the job at the PBC clothing factory so now she is happy! In that place she can earn the money to make the USA cloths and the USA farmer hat.

This is the photo of my working friends at my factory. They like to show you their face on your interweb site becase they want to date the USA forgeiner womens. You should get the USA woman to do that ! Tell that woman to email to me then I can tell them they get the lover.

These day you can eat the rat very cheap becase the farmer catch many of that in the plant growing area. Then they can drying the meat so it is more good. You can buy 8 rat for only 5 quai!

This is also the rat . It is on the wall for the childs to see when they are go to the scool.

The USA blackie is here to sing songing to you and you can see the USA naker woman on that sine!

The flag of the USA country is here. You can buy that kind of cloth to wipe on yourself.

Even the USA singing man is here. Here everyone know that loud yelling fat man.

The small child can go to this scool and jump out the window to go down the pine.  That scool is tooo spensive you can not imagin so my sister baby can not go to there.

The funny child is sleep on the chair. This child can buying you garbage so even the child can get the money in China these day! !!

At my brothers house you can throwing the garbage to the canal water and the man in the boat can get that so it is very conveenment. You will think that house is so old but inside it is so new. Soon it will be smashed down tooo.

Hi, I must continyu jobbing here. Please chat to me soon of your life! Everyone want to be your friend so you must be the sunny boy!

-Mr. Deng