Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How is your life? I wish you feel happy today!

Tell you now there is more bissness at my factory so my boss is happy of that! These day everyone want to buy the shoe from China because the price is downed!

Hi, tell you on Saturday I go to Nanjing city. In that place in 1937 the Japanes come to China and kill 30,0000 people here. So the Goverment open one place so everyone can remember to that. It is the kind of museem to show the People that the Japanes is so terribl and to remember the people that died when they is killed.

I show you that photo for you to looking now!

The man is wearing the Japanes bad man cloths.

Inside that place you can see the statyu of the Chinese man inside the prisun. Becase you are the forgeiner you will think it is so funny.

The bad Japanes put the man in the small room and he can only standing for many day!

The Japanes man is sitting and smoking.  You can hear the sound of the man laughing because he is so bad.

The man is writing his name on the wall in the blood!

The Japanes is very bad and try to kill the man with the electicity stick. The ropot is shaking and it look very scaresome and you can hear the screaming man!

You can sit to this chair then the electicity will bite your bottom but the sine say that the pegnent girl must not sit on that .

The Japanes always want to do the very bad thing to the Chinese man.

They even want to kill the woman! Why is the Japanes so bad?

The father of the childs want to bring the child here so they can see how terribl the Japanes is!
Then the child will be crying and more hating the Japanes people when it is older.

This one is not crying only want to laugh to the ropot inside .

This is the place when the Japanes kill the man.

Near to that place I find the USA ice crem store for you to eating that! But it is tooo spensive so I can not eat that.

I will send you more of my writes soon so please wait for me! Do not forget to eat only the good food so you can feel more helthy inside you. I wish you are happy now and so good!

-Mr. Deng