Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How are you now? I am wishing you are not so hot in your house. Here it is very hot now and terribl. How is that dog? Does the USA dog eat the rice or only the meat? My friend said to me that the USA man only will give the dog the cheese to eat becase every one in USA like to eat the cheese even the dogs!

Hi, tell you that my boss at my factory have the 3 month Critical Evauations now. He is really a kind man and say many good thing to me. I am doing good for my company all the people like me. I translate to in English his say:

ㅇ Deng Yingmao graduated from Suzhou No. 7 Industry School of Education and went to work in that factory in 1999. Until now he has succeeds in producing the shoes and helped the company to uncover more then 5000 hidden troubles in the factory. He has succively been apprased with ‘Advanced Worker for Shoe’ for 4 time and once for ‘Advanced Worker for the Plastics’. He has receive two class honor from the Jiangsu Businesses Sourcing Judicature Hall and Administrations Bureau.

ㅇ Deng has one credendum ‘be a clean man, and do the thing with sureness .’ Whereas he is, he always stick to it. One of his classmate in Middle School sent money to him and wanted to Deng to steeling the shoe from the factory but he refused. He also refused the wines and tobbaca sent to his family from the bad forgeiner to lower the shoe price.

Hi, here is more photo of Suzhou. It is more hot so I can only walk in the street around my house but later will show you the other thing so do not be so sad.
You must look at the photo now! !!!!

The neighbor of my house in Suzhou have one dog and 2 bird. His job is for the Public Secruity Bureau so he is so rich.

That dog is so lovely. That dog will want to look at you becase you are the forgeiner.

These day it is very hot so you can see the naker man walking. He can spray the urine into the water.

When it is hot then the People want to eat this kind of melon. It can make you feel cool down when you eat that plant.

The pot for the night soils. When you spray the feces into that then the old woman will bring to the WC to clean it for you!


The pine is for the baby to spray the urine into that. When the baby is larger then it can using the night soil pot.

Now China is more modern so soon everyone here want to have the USA Toilet ! So must put the pine under the rode to carry the feces into the lake .

In this factory there are many old people that can make the USA. This one is to make the Cat Toys for the USA cat.

Aiya! Those bad farmers put the number of the mobile telephone onto all the wall of that factory. The boss of that factory want to smash them!

Even outside the door of the house the farmer will put that number on the wall! Everyone hate the farmer.

This man can parking your bicycle when you stop at the store. He is so dark becase he is from the west of China. In China we do not like that kind of man that look so dark so he can only do the simple job.

Later will chat to you more! Remember to get the lover so you will not be so lonely.

-Mr. Deng