Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Hi this is Mr. Deng again to you. Why it say that that those fishs is eating you ! I wish you are not sad.

Tell you that the government paint the red X onto my building in Suzhou so later it will be teared down becase it is tooo old. Everyone must move to the new house. Now I will move to this house of my Aunt near to Taihu Lake. The farmers also live there but there is one room for me and my sister and her baby and my father and mother and elder brother . Later we will go to another new house and it is very big house so there is one room in that for you to live also when you visit to this place so do not be sad of that news now.

Hi, tell you that yesterday outside my factory there was one Prostitute girl waiting for the men to go out of the factory. She give the candy and cigerate to the man so they will want to sexing to her. The police will want to catch that kind of rascle ! These day there is so many sing song girl here that want the man to give them the money.

Here is the photo of that place! Looking at it now!!!!

Here you can see the new house I will sleep in that.  The farmer in that house now have many childs.You will think you are in USA place when you see that grass!.


The farmers can only grow the rice and the crab here. 



The old farmer is sit on the kind of Plow for the rice.


He drive that Plow to his house.  He can living in that house with his Plow becase he is so poor.


You can get the Crabs from the water here.  Many farmer here try to catch that.  Many Shanghai man that is very rich will want to buy that Crab!


This farmer is tooo poor to have the motor so her he must battle his boat.


You can see the net for the Crab.  Why the fish want that shoe?


The small house to put the useless thing in that and the old person .


The farmer is spray the Chemical to the plant so the plant can tasting more delishus for you! 


The farmer food.
  In Suzhou the food is more simple.  Only the Crabs and plants and some animal Meats to eat. You will think it is very delishus when you eat that!


You can see many animal in that place.  This duck is very mad and want to bite your bottom! Everyone must run away of that mad duck! 


The cat want to get the duck in the net.  In China many Peoples do not like the cat becase they think the eyes of the cat is so strange. 


Inside my aunts house is the place to offer the gift to the god so the plants will growing more better.


The god is very smart so his head is so big.  On his hand he have the big Peach becase that is the most lucky vegtable.


I have no more photo for you now. Later will chat to you much more.  I wish you are not paining from those fishs.


-Mr. Deng