Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Hi that fish did not eat you! a woman tell to me it was only the funny story on your webbing. You should tell to the people when the story is untrueing or they will feel sad if they think that fish is eating your legs!

Also one man write to me about Epaksa that funny koree singer. He give me this video to watching and he think Epaksa is very good also. You can watch it tooo so I try to put it here for you to laugh to that.

Can you see that on your TV?

Together we can sharing the funny thing for laughing to. Then the sad and useless person can feel more good and enjoy the life. You are so kind becase you always want to do that for those others.

Hi here it is so hot. I am still living in that house with those farmers but will move to new house in October. My boss lower my salary 200 RMB becase of that USA company Wall Mark is so poor and want the shoe for less money. These days I am sad and my feeling colour is more brown. I wishing that Later my life will be not terribl.

I make more photo for you. Look at it!

the old man walking is naker. He can be more cold when he do not wear the top clothing.

The beauty want not to be blackie so that kind will always use the umpira so the sun will not heat the skin.

That USA Micker mouse is here again. Everyone want to love that one. The child can sit on this and if you put 1 RMB into that mouse then it can dancering and singing to you and the child will be more happy.

Here is funny monkey for the child again but there is no child now so it must be so lonely.

That elf of that cartoon is here!  You must be so happy to see that on that factory!

This is the message place. The beauty blind woman can message to your feets or yellow part.

Everyone must actively participate to promote the National Day. At my factory one old man make this sine to tell the People to always remember the goverment .

At my house now there is the No. 4 Suzhou Thermal Energy Electic Generation Factory. These day the government say there is many electricity cut off becase everyone want to driving the electic bicycle.

Here is 3 new electric bicycle! Now they are very cheaper so everyone do not want the old bicycle named Shanghai Flyer bicycle.

Tell you that my house is smash down now. The old man with the hamer is come and then he smash it down. Soon he will take the old brick to build the new house. Later the rich man will build the big house here so he can be happy.

I will continyu my life now to quality the shoe. Chat to you soon again later my friend.

-Mr. Deng