Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

hi how is your happy life now? I forget to telling to you that I have the gifts that you send to me! Thank you for the magazese and the strange hat and the one bag and the one T-shirt ! You are a kind man and so capable! Later I will send one Pumpkin gift to you so wait for that.

Tell to you that my boss is still here in this place. The police only want to talk to him not to punish to him. So he can feeling more easeful today !

I only have some simple photo now. Later I can show you my new house. It is like the rich man house. you can not beleive!

This is the old farmers that want to get the money for the recircle things so they put that in the bicycle. These days that kind of dirty person can not go into the Suzhou main city so the forgeiner there will not have to look at that kind of poor peoples.

Here is that same kind of farmer. He want to find the garbage to take that to the recircle place to get the money.

The funny childs. They want to playing on the stone . You can watch that.

The new street to my new house. It is only the ground now. Later I will show you that. It is the rich man house!

the old woman washering the clothes in that vomit water.

The child again can playing in the stones again. The old temple of City God will be smash down becase it is useless.

This old man can play the music for you when you go to the park. Many old person like to sing the KTV in that place.

The KFC food is here on this street so you can eat that freely when you visit to me!

There are many kinds of USA foods now! You must be so happy to see that pig food!

The man will bring the brick from my old house to this place, and he will building my new house at this place. You can see the North pagoda there!

Later will chat to your more my friend! That Canada man at my factory named Mr. Boocher want to helloing to you. He can also be friend to you! You should try to get another friend..

-Mr. Deng