Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Hi how is your life? That Canada man said that it is crimas in USA place now. Say very crimas to you ! You must be so happy to get the gifting . My boss say that in USA everyone always want to buy everything in the store and eat all the food in the store when it is crimas . I know the meaning of the say of my boss to finish more of the shoe for the USA crimas !

I backed from North Koree place now. My boss is so happy to get the money to sell the shoe in that place. Later I can show you the photo from my tripping. Many other Chinese man go there tooo to sell the product to that place . So I can make many friend and try to do the sourcing of the shoe on the bus but the bus is conched!

How is your life? Lets chatting on MSN ! Why not try that?

The funny Koree singer put that song here. You can watch that.

Here is more photo of this place. You can see it!

Here is the photo of my new rich man house! Outside it is so beauty but inside it is still so simple but later it will be more good! There is one USA room for you in that so when you can come to China you can live in my house !

There is very many green farm in that area and not so many forgeiner there so everyone will want to look at you becase you look so different.

This old woman is over 100 year old ! In Suzhou there is 2,0000 old person over 100 year old becase it is so good in this place now!

The Worker is spray the cemicle on the plant so it can feel more happy!.

My friend Wang Xianjiao want to sell his house to the forgeiner becase he know the forgeiner have very much money and he want to get the money from the forgeiner. You should try to grab the chance!!

Also this Hot Pot restaurant is for selling! You should try to buy that then you can come to China to open the Hot Pot restaurant! Try to do that! !!!

The price to buying that is only 1897,2600 RMB but it is tooo spensive for a Chinese person but a USA man can buy that becase they are so rich!

This is the famous place named Toum of the 5 Mens. It is when 5 mens try to stop the Emperor becase he is bad to try to up the tax but they is all killed by that bad Emperor so the good man put them here after they is died .

You can buy many old Mao Zedong poster here , I want to buying that for you but I am tooo poor . Next time I will get that for you becase you look very like Mao Zedong.

That USA man is on that bicycle to tell to people to eat that food.

Later will chat more to you. Wish you are happy becase crimas ! Later I will send to you the photos of the small girl of my sister. You will want to look at it !!!

-Mr. Deng