Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How is your life? Why are you always so happy? You are like the red star becase you are always shine! Remember to it! Everyone want to friending to you becase your feeling is so brite and you are so kind and you are so lucky.

At my factory there is one man that is not lucky. When he is working he is always paining or his family is always sickly. When one man is unlucky then we should not talk to that man becase we do not want to get the unlucky! Everyone know that!

I can show you the photo of my tripping to North Koree place now. My boss was so happy to get the money to sell the shoe in that place. Many other Chinese man go there tooo to sell the product to that place. So I can make many friend and try to do the sourcing of the shoe.

Look at the photo of it !

The Leader of that place …you can see his face on that sine.

This is the photo of the sine of the another Leader man. That old man yell at me with Russian word.

To go to the factory for the shoe the police Minders bring to us one new bus but the rode is very bad in that place.

But it smash down to the side of the rode and the man must jump out of the bus.

The Koreen mans try to fix the bus so his boss is not angry but the bus is still conched.

We must waiting for a long time but later one plow is come to pulling the bus but that plow is tooo small.

So later the mans get one big plow to pull the bus. Then we can go to the factory.

The statyu for the People to look at it to get the enjoyment.

The old koree Worker mans going to the factory. When the bus is conched I can walk round and make photo of the People.

The police Minders did not see me take this photo of the old farmer womans.

The child and woman can pull the stick to the factory becase in koree they are more poor so they do not have the car.

The old farmer can use the animal to pull the cloths to the factory also.

In the city I spy this big animal. In China we also have that 10 year before now but now we do not have that.

This is the hotel for the factory.   Later I can show you the photo of the shoe factory in that place.

Later I will chat more to you .  Remember that you are so good! 

Best Friend.

-Mr. Deng