Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Yesterday we go to the Suzhou Government Marriage and Childs Control Administration Bureau to get the liscense to marry that girl¡¡. So everyone is happy the government say it is allowed!

Tell you my boss ask to me to write for our Factory to the newspaper becase now the Factory is 50 year old! I put it here to show you!

The enterprising spirit reflected by ‘Suzhou No. 1 Vinyl Chloride Shoes Friendship Factory’ summarizes the living philosophy of all mankind in modern society: To be aggressive and to get the money! Suzhou Shoes Factory resinates with this philosophy and intends to enhance all the accomplishment senses by leveraging its own height upon others !


In 1957, the People's Republic of China, which was newly founded, held the People’s First National Shoe Conference in Zhengzhou of Henan Province. There are many Shoe Experts from Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, Uzbekistan and Canada attending the conference. At the meeting, the quality of shoe from the whole country was evaluated!

Due to inconvenient transportation conditions, when the Suzhou delegation arrived, the conference was already over. But many shoe informations was got from that meeting from the forgeiners!

Time lapses quickly. From 1957 to present, half a century has been passed and the quality and quantity of Suzhou Shoe have been improved and enhanced again and again to benefit all of mankind feets!

It is this kind of sediment attached to Suzhou Shoe or a kind of deeply feeling as close as fish and water that decided Suzhou People would make a world-shaking event for Suzhou! In 1985, investing 500 USA$, Suzhou Shoe Factory of that time make one modern factory building of sturdly foundation.

In 2006 Yao Qingyan, President of Suzhou Shoe Factory said: the shoe Worker must always observes the People's Republic of China legal rule, does not have to spread decadent, obscene, or reactionary opinion.

At one middle-level cadres meeting of Suzhou Shoe Factory, Worker Deng Yingmao told a fable known in the field of shoe management: in USA prairie there live antelope and lion. In the morning, the antelope waked up form sleep. His first sense was that I have to run faster than the fastest lion, otherwise I will be eaten out. At the meanwhile, when the lion opened his eyes, his first thought was I must run faster than the fastest antelope, otherwise, I will be starve to death. He asked attendants think over several questions: how fast does lion can run without shoe? How can the factory run faster than antelope to make shoe? And what should we do in order to run faster than our adversaries of shoe?

In President Yao Qingyan's opinion, pressure is motive power. Transferring crisis sense and pressure to every employee so the shoe is make faster is way to get more money to the factory.

That is to say this kind of humanism will penetrate into every shoe made at Suzhou Shoe and the factory will stand lofty and erect forever!

The photo is here again to you. You must look at it.

My cousin is visit to us for the New year of Pig festival. She is Army woman in Chengdu city.

We go to KFC to eat that chicken foods.  Do you think she is very beauty?  You can date to her becase she want to have one rich boy friend lover.

My cousin make those photo for you on the mobile telephone. When she go on the train it is very busy now becase of New Year festival. It is the only one time the year when the farmer can backed to the hometown to see all of his childs.

The farmers. We call this kind of bag immigrant bag becase that kind of man always want to use it.

The farmer can only use the rice bag to carry it becase he is so bad.

The lover want to wait for the train but the sine tell to others it is unallowed to sit there so it is so funny they are nawty.

Many bad men go into the train from the window so they can get the seat before the good man.

Aiya so terribl !!! My cousin must standing becase the farmer sit on her chair and she can do nothing but only standing for 12 hour on that train!

The farmer give the nodle to the baby to eating. It is happy. ¡¡

Do not forget my cousin.  She is the beauty! 

Chat to you later my friend. 

-Mr. Deng