Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Why you say that dog is your girl friend? I do not know your meaning. It is kind of funny thing?

Hi, tell you one funny thing! At my company one woman is scaresome becase she think there is one snake inside the toilet room ! But it is only the feces of Wang Xiangzhou! That mans feces is very large when it is outted and everyone want to look at it becase it is so large! He is rich so only can eat that meat and bread food westeren food so his feces can be so large! Later I will show that to you.

When will you come here to grab one beauty! Tell you in Suzhou there is very many beauty so everyone know it!

It is when the king of this place named He Lu in 2500 year before now said he want all the most beauty girls in all of China to be brought to him for sexing! Then the men bring 10,0000 of those girls to him so ever after that the most beauty girl stay in Suzhou ! So that is why there is more here so remember to it!

Tell you on Lingying hill there is one long corridor named the Corridor of the Magical Shoes becase the noise of the shoe from the People sound very strange in that place ! This is the funny photo of the People on the chair of that place. You should look at it now .

Also you can watching one funny movie that it is here…

The woman on that movie is so funny when she throw the money to that bad man. Everyone can laugh to it.

Later can chat to you more but now the life is so normal. Wish you are good in your USA house now!

-Mr. Deng