Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

This is Mr. Deng from Suzhou China to you now!!! You can remember of me ???

How is your life? You must be happy with that dog ! You are always so funny and creasy!

Tell you that woman that I get for marry go with me Shenyang city to sell the shoe to one factory there. Everyone thinks she is very capable so she can also help to sell for sourcing the shoe!

Do you know how one man can come to USA to go to the scool? At my factory there is one man that want to go to USA becase he think the scool there is very good. His father is very rich so he will try to do it to learn the business in USA!

Hi you should be braver to try to date many girl then grabbing the best one to you! Also tell you there is one India guy here at my company now to buy the shoe. Tell you that his feets smell very bad so everyone do not like him.

My brother buy one car and his wife is pregrent. She will get one baby and when it is outted then my brother will be more happy. Hi at my factory there is one job for daytime oporater so you should come to China to grab the chance!

I put more of that photo here for you to look at now.

In Shenyang city you can see the Mao statyu. It is very beauty and everyone want to photo to it!

The People want to smash the bad man.

Now it is the allowed tree nut eating time in this place so everyone can buy that kind of tree nut to eat.

This is the famous restarant named 3 Testicle restarant becase it is so lucky. That food is very delishus in that place when you eat it you will think it!

The toilet room in that factory. You can look at it becase the forgeiner is always so scaresome of it.

The feces and urin can go in that place to the rode. At my factory in Suzhou there is also now one westeren toilet for the VIP !.

The feces is outted to the rode so it is very smellsome in this place.

The building for the Welfare Lottery. The man with no job that can win that will get the money!

The farmer will want to sell you the cole brick so you can be more warm in your house.

The sine on this house say ‘thanks for the communist party and our contry’s good policy that the people with the hand skill can contribute to the society.’ It is house of Old Wang at No. 23 Xi Hua Qiao Alley. He can repaire your small red stool for you!

I spy this funny shirt with the naker man on it. You can laugh to it becase it is naghty!

The GM is backed from the toilet room so I must continyu to jobbing at my place. Please wait for me and try to happy now!

-Mr. Deng