Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How are you? Very long time did not chat to you. Still lonely batchlour? If there is one lady with you then stay at home will be ok. Why not date with the female? I know one lady in my factory that want to date on the real forgeiner. She married and has one boy but devoiced. You should try to try to date that lady!.

Wa, tell you that Canada man at my company always get the hot feces water becase he always want to eat the bad foods. He always want to spray that kind of feces and can not stop it to outting when he is walking! I show him to the No. 2 Peoples hospital to allow the doctor to help him. He must get the I V bag into his body becase all the water in his body was outted. Also he will put the gensing on his arm. Then he can feeling more good.

Also the body condition of my boss is more good these days! He get one new laver into his stomick so his blood can be more happy.
Tell you these days it is very hot in this place. The clowd can not backed the heat from the sun so the rode is always hot.

Now I will show you more beautfil photo of this place becase everyone critizize me saying he is bad becase he only want to show the old dirty thing!

The house of my friend have one lake. It is very beautiful to look at it. When you see it you can feeling more easeful.

The photo of my weldding. Everyone want to dancering. It is most happy thing of that place.

At my factory one building is smash down so my boss can make one new building. He want to be more rich so is always trying new busness to get the money !

The old man can repair the bicycle for you. That kind of old man can only do that kind of simple job.

The People No. 1 bridge is new now. When it is the night time the light on that bridge look very beauty! Wish you can see it.

The farmers put the duck on the top of the bus to sell to the market. It is very funny to hear those bird. You can laugh to it.

At the Pizza Hut there is one place to eat the salad but the law of that place say you can only go one time to get the food so everyone try to put all the food in to save the money.

The place to spray the urine and dung. Do you know which is for man and woman? Everyone at my factory like to laugh to the forgeiner to try it.

The feet of the chicken is the most delishus animal meats. You should also try.

Now there is only new house where my old house is. Now China is so look like USA place!

The girl want to sell you the tea. Now there is many girl trying to sell it.

Later will chat more to you and that USA dog. Continyu the happy life now my friend!

-Mr. Deng