Dear Mr. Ood Todd,

This is Mr. Deng from Suzhou again friending to you. Want to hello to you! Wish you can be happy today in your house with that USA dog.

Hi tell you it is great rain here every day now because it is Monsoon time now here. The government give all the People the holiday but now outside it is more good and even being hot now so do not sad to me!

Your idea is funny sometimes. Also want to say my mother play the Tai Ji Quan which is Chinese traditional excercises every morning. You should also do that then your belly will not be so big.

Also tell to you my wife woman belly is get larger from the baby now! She feel very sad that her belly is so fat and everyone laugh to it. Later when the baby is outted she can feel more happy. Then I can send to you many photos of it!

I put the photo here to you again. Look to it !

I spy one forgeiner in this place that have no hair! Everyone think he is so strange. Everyone want to look at the forgeiner that is so diffirent.

The Shanghai there is one Sex museem. One statyu of this man is so funny. You can laugh to it.

So terribl! The snake is want to eat the apple. What is the meaning? No one knows that!

The bird on that boat can get the fish from that vommit water..

Then the man can pulling the fish out of the bird so the man can eat the fish! It is the most simple way to get the fish!

The child of my sister is older now. She always like to laughing. The boy is her friend. They are often naghty.

The funny drawing for the childs on the wall again. The childs must be so happy to play in that well.

Now it is raining for 5 days! That old man is walking by the bird meats selling area. You can eat all the bird in this place becase you are so rich!

The new WC at my factory for the urine and feces. This one is very smellsome!

Now all the old house in Suzhou is smash down so the new USA building can go there. China is tooo rich you can not imagine to it!
This new building is the No. 4 Dream Venture Sunshine Tower !

The sine is to tell the People to remember always the government Party. It is the famus word of Mao Zedong.

The old farmer can carry the corn in that. In China the old person is always so happy to be so simple but the young person will not do that job.

At Trust Mart you can buy this dry pig face meat. It is very delishus to eat the face of that pig. You should try.

I must continyu jobbing at my job now. Chat to you again soon! Wish you are happy every day in USA !

-Mr. Deng