Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Want to helloing to you every day but my job is so terribl these days. Always need to make the shoe for the feets so must work all daytime and during the night also to finish for the shipping. My life is so simple and sometimes boring. That is the life of itů

Soon the baby of my wife will be outted so now the mothering law is come from her hometown to here to look after the baby. In China the parents of the wive always come to live in the house when the wife get the baby. Then the old person can feel more useful to help with the baby.

Soon it will be new year festival here also so everyone want to happy then ! In China this is the year of the Oiympics so everyone want to know China is so great!

Do not have many photo for you so do not be crying. Later will have more of it.

My mothering law want to show you the mashine to lectric the Mosquito. When that fly is hit with it then it is be killed from the lectrics.

That kind of fly always want to live in the light so she go up that kind of wood stair to get that fly.

The old man is the father of my wive. He also need to live in my house becase his wive is here now. Is is read the lucky calander.

When I sell the shoe I am always bussing to the other city . There are always many people on the bus to chat on.
When I go to Chengdu city it is 55 hour on the bus becase that city is very far from Suzhou!

My cousin is in Middle school now so it is the photo of her school.

The student want to laugh to my camera!

In China there is one bird that want to always look very beautiful ! When the feather is cut off then the bird is sad becase then it can not sexing with the woman!

That special fish is here for you to see it. You will think it is very lucky becase it is like money color!

Suzhou now is so modern becase all the old house is smash down and only is the store now!

It is the bamboo for eating! It is very delishus!

The dry Lizard toy for the childs. The child will think it is very funny to have it.

The dry flat pig again to you.  Now you can see that very much here becase everyone want to eat that kind of animal !!!

I will chat more to you soon.  I will backed to my house now.  It too later now.

Here is the funny HK film for you. You can look at it.

-Mr. Deng