Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

I am helloing to you my friend !!! How is your life in USA now with that big dog? Here it is the same for me..only working and trying to keep the wive happy. You know my meaning!

Tell you one funny thing! One day a go my friend…that hansome man that open the retaurant with me…we eat one food meal in the snack street and talk about the bad Capatalist and how many factory now get such a great pinch that even it has to closured!

My friend say that he even see one USA Caucasian forgeiner in the assembly line being like the simple swindled farmer worker!

I did not think my friend is trueing but we decide to take to camera to the factory to see if that man is there!

My friend can go into that place becase he know the boss of one factory for the ballsbearing. When first we see the line of worker then I see the USA man! I petting his golden hair to believe if it is trueing!!! He use the power tool to screw the bicycle. The tehnology is very skilled for forgeiner!

I start to chat to him in English and he is very simple and honest and shy man. He say his name is Carlo and is from USA place Ohio small town and is 22 year old man!

He say in USA he was the Sanitation Engineer and food service person and then he come to China to get the better job and can get 1500 RMB per month and the factory provide the lodging and his food is very cheap so he can save all the money so he is happy. He say he can finish his work at 16:00 so he like it very much.

Later we go to the retaurant and he talk of his family as if somewhat to miss his homeland. I can feel his lonely and he eat and smoke really like very common people in China. He say he is treated as an ordinary Chinese at the factory, he only need to screw the bicycle, no one will talk to him. My friend and I leave the factory happy to see that man.

I put the photo of the man here. Do you know his face from USA?

In the factory it looks like simple assembly line workers and at first it is very difficult to see that USA forgeiner.

Then quicksome he is spied! He first did not want to talk to me becase he is jobbing. I am tooo surprised it is forgeiner man!

When I start petting his golden hair he feared it is disturb him to work. At first he is shy and want not to talk to us and to photo him.

We try to talk to that man for long time until he go to the toilet room so we follow him into it.

In the dormitory he can talk more about his life…he say his name is Carlo and he is from USA Ohio place…

He did not want to talk about his life so much but I did not leave and keep trying to talk to him.

I ask him to eat a food meal in restaurant and then he is happy. He is really like a Chinese and get the beer and common farmer foods!

He is smoking the farmer cigerate and talk of his life! I really want to look at him.

The forgeiner usually is high-level cadre or technical manager in China, taking the high salary, sitting in air conditioning office with coffee…but this man is so simple!!! Why he is so poor? Who can know his meaning? No one know it! I will try to know more of him!

Later will chat to you more my friend!!

-Mr. Deng



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