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I usually don't post emails as letters but I asked Mr. Deng if he'd like to send in updates from China and he's sent in his first one.

Big thanks and good vibes to Mr. Deng in Suzhou:


From: Mr. Deng (last name deleted)
Sent: Saturday, June 12, 2004 9:47 PM
Subject: Dairy from Mr. Deng

Dairy #1

So my name is Mr. Deng and I live in Suzhou , Jiangsu Province, China .Suzhou is very old city that is 2500 years old in aged. If you see it you will fall down! There is many interest old bridge and thing here. You can see many small street and water canal with small boat that go on the waters. 

I am 25 years of aged and live with my sister and her husband and my third elder brother. My sister have make a baby and it come out last week! A foreigner at my work company select my English name to be 'Eddie'.

A foreigner show me the Odd todd webbing two year ago and then I look at it often and even dare to send some mails onto Mr. Odd Todd! 

I work in the shoe factory and make the shoestrings. We make over almost millions of strings each week! Everyday is boring and the same. People in China often work 10 houir each day and on Saturday too. It is hot and noise a lot in the factory but that is the life. Sometime the gas called benseen come out. Then we must runs away.

My favorite food is the chicken feets and mantou. In China peoples like many kinds of foods for eating. The foreigners that come to our factory to do the sourcing do not like many kinds of foods here. We like to joke on them and bring them a bag of chicken feets or the duck tongue and laugh on them  when they have to eats them!

I wish I have some funny thing to tell you that happen to me but I do not have such the life. My life is not so exciting as the American peoples. 

One time I see a dog eat an alive chicken but the dog did not bite the chicken! Maybe that is not so good story to say... ...

I hope that everyone that read this can come to China to visit on me! People that read the Odd Todd webbing are seeming so very very nice and do not use the yellow words.
I will try to remember something good when I write the next thing.  Sorry this reading is so boring. Please do not be tooo sad that Ronald Mcdonald died.  In 1997  our president also die but then we get a new one. 

Here is a video I make with my brothers camera two month ago. It show a man selling the gold fish from his bicycle and another man that want to buy the trashes.
Wish you happy forever!
-Mr. Deng


Here's a link to the video.


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Thanks again to Mr. Deng.