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This is another writing from Mr. Deng from 

Suzhou, China
 I like to write and practise!
 English writings.

It's all the same life these days......
Yes, the life is too boring , to me sometime it's a kind of toture
 (I forget the how to spell the word ) I am at the computer bar , 
not directly go backed home . When is the end of this kind of life .

 Yesterday my bicycle called The Shanghai Flyer Bicycle had the flat rubber so I had to get it repair.  In China there are many old men on the street that repair such the thing.  It only cost 1 or 2 kuai to repair it (that is about 0.12  U.S. dollar?)  How poor I am!


I like to play the electronics and interwebs.

But these days I gets to many e--mails these days that say the subject as "your bottle of enlargement tablets is ready."  What this mean?  Is it joking meaning or nauty?


I do not have the girl friend but I will get one soon.  My parents pressure on me often to get that.  They say Deng you are getting greatly old, you must marry soon, you must make the baby for us to love and play with.  In China it is not good to be single person if you are older.  Others will talk on you and say how strange you are.


My father is old and he works in a factory where he is the guard.  He must stay there all night and guard the building.  But the factory is closed so he is there all longly.  He does not have good educations so it is hard for such the kind to get the job that pay well in the world today.


My mother get the job at my shoe factory.  I help her to get it.  She does the cleaning but only get little money also.  She likes to working so she is happy now. 


Someday I will try come to America and work there.  We learn many things about America in China .  The president named Richard Nixon is famous in China because he come to China in 1972 to do something.  He said the famous thing 'I have seen an enemy, and he is not me.'  Who knows that? Everybody know that!!!


I bring thanks on you to read this.  I will writes again to yo u soon.  Hope you have extreme gaiety everyday!  Here is a painting of peoples dancering.

-Mr. Deng