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From: Deng
Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2004 11:44 PM
To: Todd
Subject: RE: From Mr. Deng

Dear Mr. Odd Todd,
How are you these days?  I write you another dairy here now about my trip to the Suzhou No. 2 Hospital.
Do not be sad about your job ending.  Soon you will get another chance, I am sure.  You are lucky and popular so everybody like you!
I did not receive the package yet.  My sister is watch for it.  She is at home all day for her baby so she can watch for it.  Now she sell the Amway product so she does not need to go to work all day! 
I will write on you again soon!  
-Mr. Deng
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From: Deng
Sent: Sunday, August 01, 2004 6:48 AM
To: Todd
Subject: I receive package!!!

Dear Mr. Odd Todd,
Just now I receive your package!
Thank you for the cloth bag, the coffe gourd, the shirt and flying bowl.
My sister is very happy also.  She will also send you a letter soon to thank you. 
You are a nice man to do that.
Your friend,
Mr. Deng


Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

I am a cleaver boy so can type this now to you.  I am sorry to you to take so long to type a letter to you. 

This week I had to go to the hospital to get doctor to cure my pockmarks.  I must press the wet ginseng slices onto my face for several hours.

When I was waiting in the hallway on the long bench I saw a forgeiner man go into the room with the doctor and the forgeiner take off his shirt.  Many people stare at him through the window.  His stomic was very fat and hairsome.  Why are the forgeiner so hairy like the monkey? 

In another room I watch a Chinese man that had a bite on his ball from a earthworm.  (in Suzhou we call the male genital organ the ‘ball’)  The nurse was holding the duck over it because the duck spit water would make it get better faster.  But the nurse who was holding the duck over it let her hand go accident and the duck bite the man’s ball and then the man scream and curse on the nurse.

At my company there are many forgeiners coming to buy the shoe these days.   One man from Franch we took to a restaurant to feed him the food.  But that man say he can not eat the seafood because he react badly to that kind.  So we were careful to only order the lakefood to him.  But when he eat it he get very sick anyway and could not breathe.  So I had to go back to the hospital with him! 

The doctor stick a pipe into his mouth and the man sit for a long time on the I.V.  He was angry at us but he was a strange man so we do not like him.

Here are some photo: … …

This is a wending I  saw in the park.   Do you think the hair style in China is so modern these day?

This boy is drinkling the tea.  In China everyone want to have a boy baby because the One Child Policy say you get only one baby. 
If you have a girl it mean you are unlucky.  But when I marry I will want to have a girl because the girl baby is so lovely.  Do you think so too?

Here is another baby boy belonging to a man that own a store near my house.  I think the baby look angry.

Recently the government tear down a house near my house and behind it was this wall.  It is the wall that used to go all the way around the city of Suzhou . 
It is 2500 year old.  Soon there will be a KFC here, so it will not be so dirty and embarrass.

You should come to Suzhou and ride in the bicycle taxi.  That is fun and very cheap.  You should try!

This is a sine of a cock saying OK, how delicius  I am! 

This is the end of my letter to you.  Please be happy and enjoy the life and do not let the earthworm bite on you! 

-Mr. Deng