Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

This is Mr. Deng from Suzhou , China .  Thanks you for all the message the people send to my email box.  Everyone is so nice!   Why are the people on the Odd Todd webbing so nice?  I gets 40 message!

Even one message was from the mother of Mr. Odd Todd!  It is good that even the older people can use the computer in USA .  In China my mother think I am strange to use the computer machines and she does not want to learn it.  Only the young people are interest in the computer and the old people’s feelings are very moist to that kind of thing… …

This week I do not have to go to Chengdu city, my boss cancel the trip.  I will go later for my company.

I do not really want to go but that is the life.

These day I date on a girl that my mother introduce.  She is very beautiful but I do not think she has the interest in me.  Now in China there are too many men and not enough of the girl so every man must work hard to earn the money to buy the car and big house.  That is the only way the girl will want to marry you.  It the like the peacock with the big tail.  I will keep trying to date on her.

I take many photo so I can show you those now at this time:

When the man is date the girl then he carry the girl on his bicycle like this when they go dating.

This small street is where the old men like to come to spray the urine.  It is very smellsome here. 

My neighbor house have the children.  They hang their underneathe pant up behind them!  It is red color! 

It is mistly on this day.  There used to be old houses along the canal but the government teared them
down so now there will be a enjoyment area here soon.

This is woman that own a small store.  She is always laughing and happy and spilly.  You can buy everything here!

My neighbor also have a dog and also a cat.  They enjoy the sun light warmf.

The old house you can see in many place.

Here is the famous enterence to Suzhou when there was the wall around the city.  It is called Jinmen Gate.

Here is the same place as in the above photo, but now it is in the Qing time which is before 1911.
I have a book of Suzhou with old photo that I take this one from. 

This is the ending of my thinking now.  Pleased have a good rest of the time after reading this.
Good bye until next time.  Please continue to chat on me at my e mail… …

-Mr. Deng