Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How are you these day?  My relative come to eat the food at my house again. 

My grandfather told the story about in 1968 when he go to jail for 2 years becase he use the wrong light bulb.  At that time the government say you can only use the 40 what light bulb but he used the 60 what and the neighbor saw that and told him to the police.  That is so funny!

Now China is so free and open that we can use even 100 what light bulb if we want that!  But we have to pay for the electricacity  of course!   

In the old day my grandfather had to always wear the Chairman Mao pin.  He still has them but there is no need to wear them today!  They were made on the metel, plastics, bamboo, and some even glow into the dark when the light go off!  Some were very big and heavy, over 12 cm wide!

There were so many, many different Mao pin made that even today no one can collect all the different ones so that they have them all.  People were crazy for Mao pins then, and if the men take off their shirt to play the sport then they would even wear the pin through their skin!  In 1970 Mao Zedong stopped the factory from making them becase China had no more metel to make the air plane for the Army!

Here is the scan of some from my grandfather:

Here is some photo I take this time:

The old moon bridge on Shan Tang Street in Suzhou . 

A small boat you can ride on and the old woman will baddle you.

The Precious Belt bridge is the most longest bridge in this place.  It is name that becase Wang Zhongshu who the governor of Suzhou in the year 838 donate his precious jade belt to pay for it being builded.  It have 53 arch and you can watch many boat here.

A boat going past the Precious Belt bridge.  The new bridge is behind the boat for the car.

The carving of the Chinese lion guard at the Precious Belt bridge.  It is the girl becase it have the baby drinking on her Boobs.

The artist paintering some flower in his opening.

The golden fish lake in the Garden of Extreme Secluded Beauty garden place. The fishs are crazy so people throw rice on them.

The fishs closer.  Some are very large. 

Here is the end of the writes for this week.  I hope something funny will happen on me so I can write it to you later.  Please chat on me to  I like that very much and enjoy the photo people send.  Wish you be happy and you should enjoy the time alive.

I give you the permission to not work hard and you can relax today!  If your boss say why you are so lazy, tell to him that Mr. Deng give you the permission!  Then he will be frighten of you!

-Mr. Deng