Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

This is Mr. Deng from Suzhou, China again that writes to you now. My sister also writes to you now.

What do you do these days? Did you go to the New York city place to visit the thing there?

My elder brother went to Shanghai to sell the crab. In China everyone like to eat the crab meat and the rich Shanghai people like to buy that. But he was not success and lose the money. 

My brother also try to sell the Amway product but it is to hard to do that becase people in Suzhou are to poor to buy that. I hope I can get my brother a job but it is harder these day. 

Also the assistant mayer of Suzhou disappear and no one see him for a long time! Many people think he is arrest by the government becase he steal the money from the money for the Suzhou rebuilding.. The Beijing government try very hard to make the government more honnest so the People will be more happy so they will stop all the bad men that are not honnest.

You should look at this photos here now if you want to do that:

This sine tell the People about the air plane show that come to Suzhou!

At my house we have the round table so everyone can eat at that. My mother cook the delishus food.

I taked this photo of a girl with very long hair. It was at Suzhou Industrial Park on the east side of Suzhou there is a big lake!

Here is the boat that sell the pot. You can buy any pot here and it is very cheaper becase the farmer make them!

The sun go down behind the stack for my shoe factory working place. We always burn the useless thing in that.

The old small street that the car can not go down that.

The modern street for the car and other thing. 

This children like to play on the allowed climbing statyu of the venison.

The wall that tell the women to be smarter, not to always be the farmer.


Please try to cheer up and enjoy the life, not always be so blue feelinged about the computer machine.
I like your photo becase then I can see the USA and the strange and loverly thing there. Please take more photo of that. 
Everyone can chat to me at ! I will try to chat to you when the internet is working at the CPU bar. 

Please have the happy day!

-Mr. Deng