Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How are you this day? Is it snow in your place? I think Chrimas will come very soon in USA.
I am good but must work in the night for my company becase the company is very busy
this day.

The USA people will have Chrimas soon so we must make the shoe very fast now for that so they have the shoe
to give to others. Otherwise they will be sad. That
is the says our boss say to us so we will work harder. If the USA people do not have the shoe for Chrimas then they will be sad. I think he is 
untrueing on us becase he is so sly.

Hi, I will tell you one thing that happen to me frecently… …

My boss and me go in the taxi to the company one day before now. 
The taxi smash on a chicken in the rode and then the taxi driver stop the car becase the chicken was died.
The farmer come to yell at the driver and get the money for the chicken from the driver but the driver also yell to the farmer. Soon many people come from there houses to stare at the yellings. The taxi driver did not want to pay for that and the say the farmer is a bad man!

Then the police come there and force the taxi driver to pay the money to the farmer 5 RMB and for the police to come there.

This is the end of my story now.

This is more photo from me of this place. If you think they are so boring you should not look at them…..

This is the dragon that eat the building on the Temple of Mystery.

This is the old house that you can see everywhere. It is ordinary and simple so no one want to live in that now.
If you want to buy that it is only 3,0000 RMB but you must use the public toilet or night soil pot.

Here is the street in Shanghai. It is very modern in this place but many people still use the bicycle becase it is cheaper.

This man is fixering the side walk.   He look as if he has a bird onto his head.  It is only the farmer hair stile.

This is a crazy woman that live near to my house. She always do the strange thing. She like to drop the water onto the street all the time. She do that 100 time each day and even at the night!

This man carry the hot water to his house so he can drink the tea. In China the hot water is fee free at the hot water
station but we must carry that to the house. 

This woman carry the box onto her sholder with the pole. You should try that in USA becase it is so very cumpterful.

This is a old woman that hang up the clothing over the rode to dry. She also try to bung on me with the stick becase she spy my camera. But I am to cleaver and ride away on my bicycle.

There are no more photo to show you at this time! I thanks to you for look at them and wish you do not waste the time to look at this. Do you want to chat on me, you can do that
I like to read about the writes of the USA people. 

Please continue the happy thing on your webbing and help the people with no job to feel happy and not so terrible. 

Remember that tomorrow will be worse so enjoy the today!

-Mr. Deng