Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Hi, tell you one good news.  My brother get a job in Shanghai at the White Elephant Battery Co. Ltd.

He was so long time with no job we worry on him, so he is so happy now.  The salary is only 600 RMB each month and his job is hard to work the cemicle but now he is more happy to earn the money!  My mother cook the big diner to celebrate that my brother is so lucky!

I am sorry I do not have the other thing to say.  My life is the same.You can look at this photo now……

Here is the battery that my brother will make!  If you see this in USA you can buy that becase my brother work at that factory!

At the Suzhou Zoo I spy this tiger.  It is so crazy it walking all the time in circle in the cage to make the people laughing that it is act so spilly. 

It must be so happy to see the people that visit it!

This bird want  to be the people!  It can talk and say many word in Chinese like ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ and even ‘Stupid! 

I put the sound of that here so you can hear it talking with the people.  The girls are teaching the bird the naghty words.

This animal is so scaresome!  It is the wolf!  It is always very meaning and want to eat the baby!  I run away quicksome after I spy this one.

Here is the camle.  It is the animal with the hill on the back of it.  This camle have the farmer hair stile.

Here is the duck but so ordinary.  In China you can find the duck in many place becase you can eat that.

The monkey is look out of the cage.  Why this monkey look so sad?  He should be like the Joking Monkey I see at Mount Emei.

The girl feed the animal the leaf.  In the zoo you can feed the animal anything and it will be more happy and loving you to do that.

I take this photo when I leaving Suzhou Zoo.  It is the photo of the Grand Canal that go next to Suzhou.  You can see many boat here.

This is the end of my writes again. 

Please chat to me at and you will  be more happy!

-Mr. Deng