Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

My boss ask me to make the webbing for our company.  Now we do not have that and he ask me to make that becase I am the only one here that can speak the English.  I must do the writes in the business English.  Do you think this writes is good for that?.... ….

The Suzhou No. 1 Shoe and Rubber Mfg. Co. Ltd. is established in 1957 as the State enterprise specialized in the production and the sale of the kind of rubbers for the feets.

The managing idea of the man are seeking as well as the sharp observation and the specialized tefamoous in the shoe industery durig these
undulant years. And some products are sold to farsome places such as USA and Franch and North Koree .

We have got agroup of high quality essences equipped with high-tech thing .To let the client be satisfaction is always our internal wants! !!   Your satisfaction is our success and many happy of extreme excellencey! We warmly welcome people from various circles, no matter home or the forgeiner, to cooperate with us heartfully to benefit each other and to develop togther it!

It is so excite!  When I finish the webbing I will give you the adress of that.

My boss want me to take the photo of the shoe so we can show the product.  He think that he will get so many order when all the rich USA people see my webbing.

Here is more the photo for you to look to.. …..

The Franch man at my company want me to show this statyu photo to you.  He think it is very funny, but I do not know why he think so that. 

It is the farmer ride the Rocklit.  It say in Chinese

“Make more metel and wheat then USA and England .”  It is from 1958 when everyone have the oven in their house to melt the metel thing so that China can have more metel.

Here is the funny cartoon I spyed. 

On the school-Board it say “Class of Sexing Education”

Teacher say: ‘What is the first thing we do after the baby come out?’

Students say: ‘We get married!”

I laugh to that one for a long time becase it say sexing into the newspaper. 

The old people think only the bad man and bad woman live in the same house when not married but one time in Suzhou I meet the girl that was live with her boyfriend in the same house and not marry!  So now China is so modern like the USA . 

Now here is the photo from me.

Here is a photo of the beauty girl that play the loverly musics in the Garden of Harmony and Extreme Gaiety that I visit to. 

It is the simple music.  In China we also like the USA music so do not be sad to that.

You should try to come to Suzhou and see the beauty thing.  You shoud try to do that.

This is the bed that the rich Chinese people use in the old time.  Now we can sleep on the USA stile of bed.

Here a bed also but it is different but still the old stile.

You can hear many kind of music in this place.  This is the photo of the student play the traditional music thing.

Here is the photo of Xiao Lu that want to date to you.  You should try to take the chance!  She is the beauty on the left side that work at my company and is age of 19.  I will give her your email to writes on you becase she do not have the boyfriend so you should grab the chance!

I am like the Quepit!

Hi, I will write to you again soon so do not be so sad or feel stranger.  My webbing email is .  You can write on me and I can practice my English to you!  Then everyone will be so happy and you will think China is so good then.

-Mr. Deng