Dear Mr.Odd Todd,


So soon it will be New Year festival and we will stop the working to enjoy the Year of the Cock that is coming soon! 

This year will be so lucky, you should be so happy to hear that!


 The Franch man working in my factory give to me to show you the photo he make this time since I did not take the photo this week.

It so strange he do not use the colour, his camera maybe is bad.

But he is so rich so I do not understand his meaning to not use the colour photo.

 I will write the say of the photo under it so you know the thing it is.


Close to our factory is the restaurant store.  The Franch man like to eat here becase it is very cheaper and he can save the money for himself. But it is very dirty and you should not think China everywhere is so dirty!  So he should not make this photo.


Why he take the photo of the bicycle?  In China that is very ordinary and simple thing to see.  Aiya, so uggy!


This is a terribl photo of a poor woman that collect the re-circle thing.  Why the Franch man want to make China look so poor?


Here is the farmer that sell the fruit.  You can see this everyday so nothing so  good  to see here.  Also the photo is not straite.


This photo is also so ordinary. It is the old house that is teardown becase it say “demolish” in Chinese on the wall.

When the government select your house to be demolish then they will paint that on it and you can get the money for your house to buy a new aparment.

 The Franch man should take the photo of the beauty thing not only the terribl thing.


I hope you are not anger to me to show you this photo.  I will show you the nicer photo of Suzhou from me next time.  Only some place is uggy, many place are so beauty you will fall down if you see that!


If you want to talking to me you can do that  It is so funnily to write to the forgeiner so you should try to do that! 


-Mr. Deng