Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

I like the funny word you use onto your webbing.  I do not know good the meaning of the word ‘Coolio and ‘Jerky ‘ but I think they must be so humornous!.

The man from USA named Mike that show me the Odd Todd webbing long time  ago also teach me the USA word ‘Fart’. 

Then he teach me the funny song about the bean. I remember the song here:

Bean, bean

The musicle Vegtable

The more of that you eat

You will Fart so much

But the bean is very healty so you should eat many bean and you will feel more happy to that.

I change the ending of the song now so the USA people can still like to eat the bean and so the farmer of the bean will not be crying.

In China we like the song music very much and can buy many CD musics from USA such as the people named Madanna, Kinny G and the Electric-pelvis Shaking Man.

 I do not know the USA name of that one.

This writes of me is very stupid now so you should look to this photos … ..

This is the North Pagoda place. It is very old and was builded by the monk so they can see the god in the sky. Now everyone can climb that but you must pay 30 RMB to do that, so expense!

This is the North Pagoda again here. The street is very old in this place and if you come to China you will think “aiya, China is so old and beauty’.

Here is also Suzhou, but it is more modern. Soon all the old thing will be teardown so China can be more modern like USA!
If you come to see this you will thinking ‘am I in China or in USA? China is so modern now that I do not know my position of now.!’

The old house of the rich man. But soon all will be teardown, so do not so scare of that.

Here it is so modern.! All the terribl old thing is smash away so the modern building is go there. 
We must make China more modern quicksome to breade the time.

So you should come to China becase all the Chinese people love the forgeiner so much! Everyone want to look at that kind of person and chat to them about how is the life. The E mail of me is so you can chat to me ! I wish to you happy Spring Festival and Year of Cock 2005 now.

On Februrary 18 I must go to the city of Sinuiju in North Koree country for my boss to see the shoe get there. I will mail you the post card from that place to you and take the photo to show you the other country! So please wait for my writes. Continue your life in USA now!

-Mr. Deng