Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How are you this day? This is Mr. Deng from Suzhou, China again that write this……….

I am backed for DPRK North Koree place now but my boss ask me not to show you the photo of that place becase that country is the secret so it is forbidden to show that kind of photo…I do not know his meaning but he is my boss so I must do what he say or he will smash on me. Later maybe I will show you that photo….

Also he did not like the writes for the web site of my company that I did before now. He said I must make the company sound more greater becase there are so many shoe company now in China and before I write like the company is so ordinary. 

So now I write this English so do you think it is make the company sound more special?

Suzhou No.1 Shoe and Rubber Co. Ltd. is Pursuing Yesterday’s Resplendence with Cantus and Rhythm of Epoch! !!

We are the manufacturing of many kinds of Harmonious and Mellifluent kinds of shoe for the forgeiner or the homer to use. Such kind of shoe including the High Star Intelligent Extroverted shoe and Grand Fitness Stamina Test shoe are only two kind of that shoe that we are make.

Romantic and Picturesque shoe also are make in this place, and the shoe for the both the Disable and the Able People can wear that! They are well appointed and many forgein and Rich People will want to wear that.

Suzhou No. 1 Shoe and Rubber Co. Ltd. is Trying to offer Perfect Service to All The Service.

We are the Pearl of New District Suzhou and Modern and Elegant! All this Just For Your Coming.

Here is only some photo of Suzhou, but later I will make more of that to show you… please wait for me!

Now the day many farmer write the mobile telephone number on the walls of everything. It is tell others they can repair 
the house and decorate that. But the government is anger to them to write on everything so the police want to catch that bad kind of farmers.

This school boy practice the English. He is reading the book called “Garden of Repose” and we can practice the 
English together becase he is the neighbour of me.

Here is only some photo of Suzhou, but later I will make more of that to show you… please wait for me!

In Mudu town place that is, very close to Suzhou there is the film studio where you can see the famous actor. This is a photo from that. 
You should come to this place and watch them make the movie here becase you love the movie very much and they make the movie here. 
You can be the actor in that! Many forgeiner are on the television in China now. Why not try?

A forgeiner that write to me ask to see the market in China so I get this photo to show him that. You can eat so many animal foods in this place and it is so cheaper.

hi, I do not know your meaning when you say the story of the ‘Jury duty’. 

You should not go to the police place or they will want to put you into the jail! hi, in USA is there many bad men that will go to the jail? In China many people think there are many Gangster in that place. I hope you are more safety in your house and not crying.

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-Mr. Deng