Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

The Franchman give me the photo to show to you again at this time…. Soon I will show you more photo from me but this day I am toooo working to make the so good photo to show the forgeiner in USA. These day my factory try to make the PU Shoe. That is the shoe make from the PU plastics. I am always busy for doing nothing and time flying.

Hi, you should not think China is so dirty if you look at this photo. It is more cleaner now but the Franchman like to take the photo of the very dirty thing and poor farmer people all the time. I do not know his meaning but the USA people will think China is so dirty but now only the small rode is like that. 

Soon China will look so clean and perfect as USA so wait for that ! Everyone must strive to push the cart of modernization forward and make China look more modern and prosporus! That is the say of the government!

Hi, the baby of my sister is very coot. If you point on your face then she knows that you want her to kiss you then she will do that. 

I will visit my brother in Shanghai soon so I can show you that photo. He is still working at the factory and my sister also working now. These days the econonomy is so very very good so all the people can get the job to working. So you can come to China to be the forgein expert of the funny cartoon in this place. You are so capble. So you should try to do that! 

I have to say bye to you, I have to work and talk to you next time so you should try to be more happy until that time.

-Mr. Deng