Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

A forgeiner said to me it is the holiday named Eater egg day in USA now. He say it is the holiday for the choclet and to hide the egg from the chicken. He was strange to his meaning so I do not know that. In China we do not have that holiday as that.

This is the photo of the shoe factory. Our factory is cleaner now becase my boss make it more cleaner so we can take the photo to put on the webbing for the company. My boss is very sly becase he know only the foreigner like the clean place not the very dirty place.

These days I am getting fatter. Are you still no girl friend? Try to find a Chinese wife and have a baby.
Hi, the baby of my sister is very cleaver and she likes to be out side all the time and makes lots of noise she is a happy girl. You should have a mix baby becase those are the most beauty!

A man in my company, the father of that man get the stomach cancer. He is unlucky so we do not talk to him.
Food are danger in China so the government try to find the bad cemicle in the food that come from england.
Everyone must be vigulant to that.

You can look to this photo now here.. .

Here the girl make the thing to go inside the shoe for your feets to walk on that. She is so happy to have productive work and earn the money.
My boss move the machine into this room for this photo becase it is more clean in this office.

The shoe come out of the machine as the rubber and then the man Worker will put the shoe string on that. It is so boring but that is the life!

The supervisor critize the shoe and look to the quality. The Worker is so happy to have the shoe critize by the Superior.

The men pretend to work at the machine but in real the machine is not turned on! My boss buy this new machine but it is not swich on now!

So many shoe you can wear red and black. Even the rich woman shoe and the army shoe! When you come to China you should buy the shoe here becase it is cheaper and then you can save the money for the girl friend lover .

Please chat to me at becase I like to read the say of the forgeiner. They are always so happy and funny and like to actively promote their diligence.. 

It is very late in this place so I must backed to my bed. Continue the happy life in your place! Hi, what is the tempture in your place? Here we got 15 now. So the spring is here now! So if you come to China now the weather will be very very so good!

-Mr. Deng