Dear Mr.Odd Todd,

This is the old cigarette pack I show you from the webbing in China. Many old man here like to collect of that old thing . 

In China all the man like to smoke the cigarette . 

The man think you will be not sickly if you do that becase the bad jerm will die inside you becase the smoke will kill that kind. So if you smoking your blood will be more stronger and you will be more helthy.

But I do not like that becase it is very smellsome. Do the USA peoples like to smoking ?

Tonight we will have the dinner with a man from America USA . He want to buy the shoe from the factory. I will order the food for him to eat. What is the food that USA peoples like to eat? The restaurant do not have the cheese so I must find the other food to give to that man to eating.

Hi, on Guangqian street they opened one Hangendas ice cream store. The business is really good! You should come to China to open the store here then you will be the rich man! I can help you to do that if you want to do that!. .. 

I am sorry to you that I do not have the photo, soon I will find the very interest thing to photo that and show to you! Please wating for me!

hi, My boss these day increase his salary due to the good work I did for him. I can feel more prowd to him but he did not get the commison from the Franch man so he did not pay me also but to that I do not mind! When I gained a lot of experience then I can quit my company and find a rich USA company that is forgein venture. What is the future? Who knows that? No one knows that! !!

All the forgeiner can chat to me at but not the bad man.

Say bye to you and do not be bad feeling. I wish you can get 1,0000RMB and be the richest and VIP! 
Everything could happy if you tried! 

-Mr. Deng