Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Hi, it is so good that you get the dog now! Then you can be more happy with that animal. Here I have 2 dog now and everyone here love those very much becase they are always like to play and so funny. You should get 2 dogs becase then the one dog will not be so lone ly.

These days I am a sunny boy because we visited a lot of the relative of me during the week end. And enjoy it very much. You know the baby of my Sister used to eat nothing for the whole day so we worried a lot about her, but during the week end her stomick enlarge a lot, when she see others eating then she make the sounds and then we know she want to eat. She is more loverly these day. You should come to see her. We, will build a house in my uncle’s home town, so in the future if you want you can live in there also!

Many forgeiner from USA email to me to ask to me if China will war with Japen place.. You should not worry to that becase China only want to be hard.
Then Japen will not think China is so soft!..

My Sister say she talk to one USA man on the MSN named Wyatte and one man that is the rap singer. She was so happy to get their message and feel so prowd that she talk in English to the forgeiner.

This is the ‘Spring photo’ from the country near Yangcheng lake, is where my Uncle living. Look now to that..!

We will build the house in the country at my Uncle house in Yangcheng lake. You should want to live in that place becase it is so cooler in the summer and you can eat the crabs every day! You will be the only forgeiner in that place so everyone will want to look to you and think you are so special!

The flower of the farmer is very beauty! Now you can see that everywhere in this place becase not the weather is warm.

More the flower. Soon the sky will be blue becase the clowd will be burn by the heat.

This bad man spray the urine onto the wall when he talking on the mobile phone. He should not be so naghty.

The bicycle taxi have the sine for the USA food. The Franchman at my company like this restaurant very much but I do not like that meat and bread vommit food.

This woman sell the frut from the bicycle. In China that is so very ordinary to see that but the Franchman say that the forgeiner think that is so interest!

This is the well to get the water to drinking. It is very old.

The hole of the well. The old people think the water of this well is so helthy it will make you living long time if you drinking that every day.

The neighbour of me is Mr. Xu. He is hansome man and working at the No. 4 PSB office. He show me his police metel.

The bosom flower is now here. You should come to China to see that becase it is so beauty!

Soon a man from Canada place will come to our company. My boss think the Canada people are simple farmers so he can get the business with that man because he is so simple.

If you write to me I will very glad to hear from you.

I wish you enjoy your friend that dog and be happy now!

-Mr. Deng