Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

On this week it is the Youth festival in China so my company is close for 7 days so I visit my brother in Shanghai and we go to the Shanghai Movie making area to see the famous place where movie is made . Becase you love the movie so much I think you should want to see that very much!

In China we, do not say ‘movie’, we say ‘dianying ‘ that mean ‘Electric shadows’ .

Only the China movie is make in this place so you will not see that kind in USA.
But in China everyone know this place! !! Many special TV and movie is make here.

¡¡¡¡It cost 35 RMB to go into that place but inside it is very interest and almost no people go there! So it feel very strange to see no people. I should not like to live in that kind of place becase I should feel very sad.

Now look to the photo of that place! !!

This is the old buildings for the movie of Shanghai from 1930. Even the electric street train is here!

When we buy the ticket to go in that place I see this man with the sine. On the sine it say this man is something like movie story writer
and he sincerely want to see the big director Named Mr. Yu to read his script.

Here they are making a TV movie for CCTV named Zhang Guofeng’s Stamp Collection. It is about the old man that want to collect the postage stamps but can not find the one he needs so he feels very sad to that.

The import And export building. The man is look to my camera. Why he have no hair? He is so strange.

In the old time the rich man was pulled in this kind of bicycle but in 1949 the government make that unallowed becase many man is dead that pull that kind so now we only have the bicycle taxi.

The children from the scool visit to this place. In China the children must go to scool on Saturday for half day.

The room is very big ! It is so quiet in that place I feel so strange to hear no sound!.

Here in the building they are making a movie about the USA. There is all the thing you can see in USA place, also some forgeiner women with the red hair!

Everything is the same as USA so if you come here you can feel very Easeful in this place! Do you know this hotel?

This is the end of my photo but wait for me and I will make more of that soon, so do not be so sad.

I wish you can find theTrousers to wear now. If you want me to send you that from here I can do that for you!
You are the friend so if you need helping then only ask that to me! That is the say of me!

-Mr. Deng