Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How is your new friend that dog? You must be so happy to play with that! I like the photo you make of the man that draw the chawk on the rode. Why is that man so strange? The police will want to catch that man becase he is so bad.

This is the photo of the baby of my sister…do you think she is very coot? Everyone in my family love her very much! She is always so happy and playing and bring so much fun to the family. In China the mother always will take the baby to the special place to get the photo of the baby in the funny clothing…
Everyone like to see that. You should also get the baby with the woman. Then. you can feel more happy.

I am backed to my job now after the 7 day holiday so must work very hard now for my boss.

My life is the same… tell you one thing …my boss is angry with a man from USA that is at our company to buy the shoe but he do not pay the money. But he want me to talk to that man becase he is scared of all the USA man becase he think all the USA people like to punch the face and are so violet so he want me to talk to that man. So tomorrow I will do that becase I think all the USA people are nice so I am not think that man is scaresome.

I do not have the photo of Suzhou now for you becase my camera is not working but you should wait and I will use the film camera to show you that!