Dear Mr. Odd Todd,


This is Mr. Deng from Suzhou, China that chat to you again now.  These day it is warmer here.  How is weather in USA place?  Do you still  enjoy your friend that dog?


Now my company is make the PVC plastic shoe.    When you cut that plastic  it make  the very strange smell and it make you laughing very much when you smell that kind!  So it is very funny. to hear all the workers in the factory laughing so much entire day to that smell!


It is new innouvation in shoe plastic for this place so everyone can feel prowd to that.  My boss say we should double effort now to supply the shoe and pursue the greatest achievement altogether!


Today my boss make the sine that say ISO 9001 to put on the factory wall becase the forgeiner that is visit the company always like to see that kind of sine so they can feel more easeful.  My boss ask me what is the meaning of that but I do not know the meaning but he know that all the other factory have that sine so he should also have that sine tooo!  So he make it.


Next month my boss say I should backed to DPRK North Koree place becase now he get a nother  large order from that place for more of the Army Shoe. 


Here is more photo for you of this place!   Look to that!

The old woman is walk the dog so that can spray the urine and feces onto the rode. Now I will show you the photo of the food!


 Do you want to eat the sticky balls? It is very delishus.



You should want to eat this animal food! It is the most delishus kind of animal.

This woman is make the candy. You should like to eat that very much and it is not very sweat so your stomick will be more easeful.

The old farmers sell the wet fish and dry fish onto the rode. You can always enjoy the fish in Suzhou becase it is so fresh from the lake water not the sea water.


This man make the noodle. He is the Mongol from north China becase his skin is so dark color…

This old man do the exercise by stand on his head. The old people think this is very helthy to do that becase all the good blood will go into your head and make your brain more happy.

This old man stretching. The French mans bellow is tooo big so he can not do that but in China everyone can do this even the small child!

This sine is very simple but the French man say it is so funny. He is so strange to his meaning.

You should not eat that vomit food .

This is the end of my writes. Please chat to me at . Remember that today is named present becase it is the present to you. Tomorrow will be so terribl becase you will be so old, so enjoy the today! That is the say of me! !!

-Mr. Deng