Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

You are good! This is Mr. Deng from Suzhou, China now. I very like the story on your web now. It is more and more and more good. The story of the stain onto your pant is so funny I laugh a long time to that one.

These day it raining everyday here so I can only sit inside the house and watching Television. So can not go outside to make the photo for you.

The baby of my sister love to watch the children program onto the television so I can show that to you from CCTV! These day I watch a lot of that so I know that kind of thing very well. So Look at that now!

The name in English for this one is ‘Duckweed Elder Sister Sting Bug ’:. He give regard to everybody and is very mischievous. It always hopes children like looking at it..

This is the most favorite show in China to all the child. This is Touches the Wolf and Small Dragonfly woman . Before now all the children like the Blue Cat and Space Mouse but now they go away and this new people arriving.

This is Valuable Chicken. He is so diligent and helpful to all the person .

This is the funny cartoon named ‘Flying young Policewoman spirits’. The baby of my sister love this girl very much and always point and laugh to that.

This is ‘Fishlip Child.’ He is always so happy and simple minded and sometime a bothersome boy. My sister baby always begin the cry when she see this one.

He live in the house with his pretend alive doll.

The baby of my sister love to watch the children dancering.  In China you can see many good dance Festival on Television!

Here is the child as the pure white Lamb. Pure childhood!  What go?

It is so funny to watch the child dressing as the adult! Everyone love to see that.

These childs singing the favorite song of the child named ‘I must be Qualified young Citizen.’
…You can hear that if you go to this on your machine.


The funny Uncle like to talk to the children. The child can say very funny and good thing. You can laugh to that !

The photo is ending now. Please wait for me.
Soon I must go to DPRK North Koree again for my boss. Wishes me succeeds!

I wish you can daily joyful and receive many money! You can get more intelligent and healthier now if you try everyday!
Wish your dream can become true!

-Mr. Deng