Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

This is Mr. Deng again talk to you now. Tomorrow I will go to DPRK North Koree so finish this write to you before leaving to that place!

How is your life? The new film on your internet is very wonderous and good! That bird is so love ly. You are the hoodwinker in that one!

I am the same but these days it is so hot and my feets get the foot is mad disease. So I must stops itch on the sterilization by spread evenly the powder to the trouble place. Do not neglected the washing of the feets or you will feel less good!

When before dairy I show to you the Small Child Television Programs but, now I show you the Activity Prise Game programs on CCTV! Every one like to watch that in my family becase they are so new and excite! It is the dream to win the money and to be the rich person! !! So you must look to that!

This one is named ‘Gouwulie Shopping Street’. You can learn to be expert consumer with this one . You can be so rich when you win!

The beautiful mold will expertly demonstrate the product for you to look at.

Lui Yong is the Leader that will help you to win the money!. Everyone like him becase he is so hansome and good.

This game is to say the price of the nife. Is the nife 84 Yuan or 48 Yuan? It is to you to say that!

The people in the chair love to yelling and act very joyful bringing helthy heat radiating from body.

This one is named ‘Supermarket Big Winner’. The people must make expert purchase and yelling forcefully to lower the price with the store owner.

The Leader of this one is name Li Jian Ming. The funny child on Green team help the parents to win the money.

They are always yelling and doing the funny thing. Here he is holding 2 cocks becase that is the animal of the year of now.

This Yellow team man act very spilly and feel so joyful like one soldier capture the mountain top.

Red team. Even the ordinary man can go onto the Television with this game and feel more normal. This is 2 bold man brother singing the love song .

Here is the ending of the photo to show you. Please strive to continue the success in USA place! Please chat to me but I will be in DPRK so no internets in that place so please wait for me!

-Mr. Deng