November 07 2011

Marathon Day Done! Wallet Found!

Hey! Happy Monday! Gonna take the day off today and will do up full blast site update TODAY!

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Marathon fundraising for the gf (did it!)! (I jumped in and ran for 9 (NINE!) miles– ain’t never done that before and am feeling it today totally…)

And for all the wallet support (found it!) It was in a sweatshirt pouch that I put back up in the closet. Totally forgot I wore it…

Good vibes to ya today totally!


bunk says:


SS says:

So great that Todd ran nine miles yesterday!!

Sassy Starshine

Monty says:

Where was teh wallet yo!?

Office Worker says:

Enjoy your day off relaxing Todd.

Bob in Peru says:

Remember, Todd, I get my exercise by being a pall bearer for my friends who exercise. Get back to the bathrobe, the tv, and the couch . If the g f’s a Body Nazi, you aren’t suited for her.

bob says:

We are still waiting on the GF story!

Good job on the 9 miles.

Where was the wallet?

Some guy says:

I’ve been visiting this site since months after it went live. I thought it’d be cool to share with my son, who’s old enough to appreciate funny stuff. But I won’t because of the 1 or 2 jackasses here who turn this otherwise pg-13 site into a filthy forum with their completely not-funny “mr. deng” comments, etc. THIS IS TODD’S SITE, NOT YOURS!! Go away, tools.

bunk says:

You must be high. There’s nothing funny about this site.

The Other Guy says:

Nobody asked you.

The Other Guy says:

Yeah politics suck. There is crap no matter where you go. Deal with it!

My Butt Here says:

Eat More Fish.

MoreRoscoe says:

Please post pics of Roscoe at least twice a week. Studies have shown that looking at pictures of Roscoe for only 30 seconds a day reduces your risk of ingrown warts by 2 percent. For the health of a nation, please post Roscoe.

Come Together says:

Will someone please think of the Children.

Android is the King in SmartPhone Land says:

So exactly, where did you find your wallet?

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