November 21 2011

Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving (thanks for all the suggestions! i’ll keep ya posted!)


I’m making my famous mashed potatoes again this year for Thanksgiving! This will be the second year in a row. They came out okay last time but I feel like I’m missing that secret ingredient to make them extra special. If you have any suggestions to what I can add to my famous mashed potatoes please post your ideas below.

I am open to other potato suggestions as well.

Thank you. Full site update and new What’s Happening will be posted soon.

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Happy Monday!


Anonymous says:

sour cream and garlic

Anonymous says:

cat piss and menstrual discharge

Lorelei says:

Potatoes- scrubbed & quartered (i use Yukon gold, but it doesn’t matter; all taters rock!)
Cover in water, bring to boil for about 20 mins or til you can tell the taters are soft enough
Strain, and add the following:
1 package of CREAM CHEESE
1 tb MILK

…and start mixing that mixture into a creamy melee. Along the way, Rachel Ray in some:


to taste. If you’re feeling fancy, add some


Add more milk and/or cream cheese if your taters aren’t becoming the fantastic, creamy mess you desire. But I’m telling you: it’s the cream cheese that really kicks it up a notch.

Happy Thanksgiving!

ldo says:


jemini says:

is this the same ldo from cb? hey!

heheh weed

Goats says:

Manjuice makes everything TASTE better!!!!!

Weed just makes everything better….

EZB says:

The slightest bit of balsamic vinegar makes mashed potatoes sing!

ldo says:

balsamic? yucky. A little bit of white wine vinegar or use buttermilk.

and weed ldo.

Anonymous says:

Chicken stock works good.

Anonymous says:


My Butt Here says:

Use Red potatos leave the skin on
Heaving cream
Real Butter
Cream Chese

Paule says says:

Definitly sour cream and fresh garlic for rich creamy smashed spuds!

bird says:

dill and parmesan cheese–you won’t be sorry!

hebba says:

so….your potatoes were famously mediocre last year?

ldo says:

i agree with the heaving cream

stef says:

SSALLLTTT. and butter, whipping cream, little bit of mozerella. or forgo the salt and parmesan the f outta it

Coconut Girl says:

Mix in some baked pear, a little brie, a splash of cream and salt to taste 🙂

cb1 says:

i wanna dip my balls in it

Anonymous says:

A bit of chicken stock is a good idea. Also a bit of mayonaisse provides a taste boost to the potato flavor. (vinegar as someone suggested may do the same, I might try that this year.)

Krankor says:

Leave the peels in. Adds to the flaor and texture.

me says:

add some hot paprika

Anonymous says:

bacon, dude. bacon.

Peter Griffin says:

Shut up, Meg.

Meg Griffin says:

Apples, Cinnamon, my hair.. you just ate my hair. now my hair is inside of you. can you feel me inside of you?

Mr. E says:

Mash in a few cubes of Camembert cheese. It will smooth up the potatoes and give them a little bit of tang. Just the kick mashed potatoes need!

Anonymous says:

Thank God. That John F. Kennedy guy is back.

texaspablo says:

8 papas grandes (hervidas)
4 zanahorias (hervidas)
sal (a su gusto)
mantequilla (un chingo)
leche (a su gusto)
delicioso!! (ask Herman Cain to translate)

Anonymous says:

Add a large Sweet Potato, extra butter and cream instead of milk. DeeeeeeLicious!

Anonymouse says:

Thanksgiving is over, genius.

Krankor says:

So, Todd, how did the spuds turn out?

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