Corning, Peeping and Pudding

So this weekend I actually got out of my apartment for a bit. Some friends came in from out of town. There was 5 of us. We met up at one place for drinks and they had this really good corn. It was like grilled with like butter and like parmesan cheese and like spices and stuff. It was awesome. Now this summer if I ever barbeque I'm gonna be experimenting with corn on the cob. It made me think differently about corn on the cob and its corniferous potential. I'm was surprised that I never thought beyond the butter and salt thing. I guess corn on the cob didn't seem flexible or whatever.

Then we went to this thai restaurant in the city called 'Peep'. The person who brought us there said there was a 'secret' to the restaurant but wouldn't tell us what it was. One wall of the restaurant was all mirror- floor to ceiling. Anyway one person gets up to go to the bathroom and they come back with a big smile on their face but wouldn't say why. Everyone who walked out of the bathroom had weird looks on their faces and were sorta giggily. So now I wanted to pee too. I mean what was going on in there anyway? But I didn't have to pee yet and I wanted my going to go to be legit. 

So finally after a beer or two I was good to go. The bathroom door was along the mirrored wall and I head in and shut the door. I see that the mirror is like two way or whatever. So basically you can see out at the whole restaurant while you're in there. People are like right there on the other side of the wall. Eating and chatting. But they can't see in. It was sorta ew in a way. So I peed. Then I turned around and faced the restaurant and did a quick helicopter dancey dance for everyone (no one) to see. Then washed up and walked out with the same goofy smile as everyone else. My little dance was fun or whatever but it did really make me wonder what the hell was going on in there when I saw a couple couples go in there for a while and come out with even bigger smiles and bigger giggles. Ew?

Then we went to a place that only sold rice pudding. Different flavors of rice pudding. All they had was rice pudding. It was like an ice cream parlor but with um... rice pudding. So I ate some rice pudding. Two different kinds of rice pudding. Vanilla rice pudding and maple rice pudding. It was good but I'm not all that crazy about rice pudding.

ok bye!