Dumbing Out at the Airport

So yesterday I got to the airport an hour and a half before my flight to head to san fran. I figured it would be plenty of time. But it turns out at LAX it's really just enough time. First you wait on line to check-in. Then you have to bring your bag to a whole other long line to have it x-rayed. Then you have to wait on a third snakey line to get thru the metal detector which involves taking off your shoes, and getting wanded with the wandy wand. I was kind of impressed by the security and the people doing the checking were nice about stuff. But airports still are a total mess.

By the time I got to my gate I had like 20 minutes before the flight took off and there were people just sitting around by my gate. So I sat down and read my book (Holes, which is really good. Now I wanna see the movie). I kind of zoned out for a while and waited for an announcement to board the plane. Then I wandered over to the magazine store across the way to check out whatever and keep an eye on my gate. I grabbed an US Magazine and started reading about Ruben and Clay. I got all caught up in it cause there was serious coverage about American Idol (aka 'A I'). Clay came off as a primadonna and Ruben sounded all blownout. I was also curious about the voting controversy. There was also alot of pictures and stuff about body language. And I don't like Justin Guarini. Then I decided to put US back and get another magazine when I looked over at the gate and saw them CLOSING THE DOOR to my flight!

I looked at my watch and it was twenty-of. My flight was schedule to leave at a quarter-of. All the people at the gate were still sitting there so dumb me figured out on my run (whoa am i out of shape. that run took too much out of me) that my flight had ALREADY boarded when I arrived at the gate in the first place. And the people sitting there were waiting for some other flight. I yelled, 'Hold up! Wait!' and the gate keeper said, 'You must be, Todd.' You know you're late when they know exactly who you are...

So I made it on the plane and found my seat and sat there like, 'Holy macaroni! I almost missed this frickin flight!' I guess I spaced over on the announcements or whatever and it was serious a close call.  But everything was ok from that point on. (except for the guy across the aisle from me- who took off his shoes AND socks. but then the flight attendant told him to put his shoes back on. he didn't seem to understand why that was a problem.)

So that was that with that.

ok bye!