Doo Doo Boo Boo

So today I was walking around today doing whatever and then I came home. Then I did stuff for a while. Then I got ready to go out again and got my sneakers and put one foot up on the couch to tie the laces. After tying it I put my foot down and saw a mark that looked like mud on my couch. I was pissed at me because I was disrespectful to my couch by putting my foot on it in the first place.  I should be nicer to my couch. Then I smelled it. Dog doo doo. I looked at the bottom of my sneaker. It was practically completely covered in da doo doo. I guess cause it was raining today I didn't realize it when I done doo doo-ed up my foot.

Then I looked at my carpet. Dog doo doo step marks leading from my door to where I first kicked off my shoes. Then I opened my door and looked down the steps (carpeted). Every other step had a nice smear of doo doo! Doo doo damn you! I followed the trail down both long flights of stairs and it just got worse and worse until I got to the bottom of the steps in the hallway outside my landlords door. Doh!! Doo Doo! Everywhere! What to do (doo)?!

I tracked doo doo frickin everywhere. I ran upstairs and grabbed my kitchen towel from the fridge handle and a pot that was in the dishrack. I filled the pot with soapy water and started scrubbing the doo doo down step by step by doo doo step. I'd dunk the towel in and then scrub. Then dunk the towel in then scrub. Then I friggin realized that the pot I was dunking this doo doo do-rag in was my friggin favorite pot. The one I dump chinese food in and eat out of. The king of pots of my kitchen. I was horrified. How did I do doo that?!

But I cleaned up all the doo doo and there was no permanent doo doo damage done. Then I looked at my old sneakers. They had seen better doo doo days. And now doo doo was smeared deep in the grooves. I couldn't doo doo deal with it. I put them in a plastic bag and brought them outside and put them on the curb next to the flattened doo doo. (getting new shoes anyhoo :-))

Anyway tonite I went out and got some chinese food for dinner. I brought the bag into the kitchen and looked at my pot which was sitting in the sink soaking. I doo doo dumped out the water and I scrubbed it with brillo. Then washed it out with anti-bacterial soap to kill every possible doo doo molecule. But I knew it was over between me and the pot. I knew its horrible doo doo secret. Although I'm sure it's fine- I can't never eat out of it again. Because of the doo doo. It's a doo doo doggone shame because we've been together for years and we've been thru alot together. But it's all doo doo ruined for me now.

ok bye!