...and baby makes seven

So this morning I woke up out of the haze with a dream that was weird to me. I'm not sure exactly what went on except for the situation. There was me. In like a 1950's kitchen. And there was a crying baby who was all messy in a highchair with food and cheerios everywhere and sauce on his face.  He was crying all yelly yelly. Along with me in the kitchen were the 'The Fab 5' (those dudes from Queer Eye For the Straight Guy) and they were arguing about the kid all something like who did or didn't do what or something- and I was standing there watching them fight. We were all like parents to the kid I think. The blond headed one 'Carson' was particularly annoying in the argument and I remember having this feeling of 'Oy! How'd I get myself into this!?'

That's all I can remember. What the hell is that about? What kind of dream is that to have!? I don't like it when pop culture-y stuff creeps into my subconscious! I like my dreams where I'm like swimming or flying or in some bizarre other dimension or a juicy nightmare or superhero or something. I don't want my dreams to be all getting in arguments with friggin Queer Eye guys over some sloppy crying kid in a high chair! What's up with that?

I bet some dream analysis person could have a field day with all that. Oh well. Hopefully tonite I'll do better in dreamland than the dream headache like the one I had last night..

ok bye!